Music Video, TRT: 3:52
Directed by Cassidy Gearhart
Production Company: In Secret Agreement

Set in a Guantanmo Bay-inspired, nameless prison, El-P is seen braving the grueling trials of an imagined “Enhanced Interrogation” as he rhymes through the dark, sardonic “Smithereens.” We used ultra slow-motion as a surreal visual prism through which to film the more disturbing events, and for the performance-based material we contrasted with a documentary-style roving camera.


Producer: Julian King
Co-Producer: James Bednark
Director: Cassidy Gearhart
Director of Photography: Jody Lee Lipes
Editor: Nathan Caswell & Jeremiah Zagar
Production Design: Michael Bednark
SFX Makeup: Marilyn Wise

Press and Screenings:
Pitchfork Top 50 Music Videos of 2007
Festival Du Clip 2008
ResFest Korea 2007

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/ (1 of 1)
(on set photos by Marco Giampaolo)