Architectural Study, TRT: 1:43
Directed and Photographed by Julian King
Sculpture by Ray King
Production Company: In Secret Agreement

“North/East/South/West” is a series of four circular “Lens” sculptures suspended below the four northern-most skylights above the customs desk in the Dulles International Airport. Inside the 15’ diameter circular stainless steel rings is a tensile structure of rods and cables that hold glass facets. The glass facets are laminated with dichroic film -- a special metallic-film coating developed by NASA that projects one color and reflects its opposite compliment (i.e., golden yellow that reflects blue). The color changes dynamically depending on the angle of the light source and the viewpoint of the spectator. The four sites are color-coded to represent the four cardinal directions: North: Blue / East: Yellow / South: Magenta / West: Cyan.


Sculpture by Ray King
Directed and Photographed by Julian King
Original score by Omar Jon Ajluni
Edited by Julian King and Cassidy Gearhart
Titles by Cassidy Gearhart
Color Correction by Julian King

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